Testing blow for British-based F1 teams


An airfield used by British-based F1 teams for straight-line testing, has agreed to cease all F1 activity until a court trial in May, following complaints about excessive noise, Pitpass has learned.

Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire is regularly used by British-based F1 teams including McLaren.

However, as the F1 teams increased their use of the track - particularly during 2005 when the 30-day test limit was in force - local residents decided that they'd had enough.

The case had been due to be heard Pickering Magistrates Court next week, with local residents and noise experts giving evidence. However, at an interim hearing at York Magistrates Court on Tuesday (27), it was decided to adjourn the trial until May, which will allow City of York Council to carry out further noise assessments. In the meantime another interim hearing will be held in April.

The airfield was served with a noise abatement notice last year, when local residents declared that enough was enough, the owner of the airfield have now had to halt all testing until the court has made its decision, or unless the council and Elvington Park Ltd, owners of the airfield, can reach an agreement.

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Published: 02/03/2006
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