FIA clarifies tyre ruling


Following a number of incidents this season which have caused unease along the pitlane, the FIA has told teams that they will not be punished for changing a flat-spotted tyre during a race.

The new ruling, introduced this season, stated that teams could only change a tyre if it was dangerous, and in which case race stewards had to agree that the tyre was dangerous. Consequently, teams were confused as to what exactly constituted a dangerous tyre.

In the most-high profile incident, at the Nurburgring during the European Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen flat-spotted his tyre early in the race. As the race continued his car developed a serious vibration, which led to him spinning off following the collapse of his suspension.

Now, the teams have been told by the FIA that they will not be punished for changing a flat-spotted tyre, though it cannot be changed during a fuel stop.

"The FIA will consider a single tyre which is flat-spotted during a race to be damaged," an FIA spokesman told Pitpass today. "As a consequence it may be changed provided this is not done during a pitstop for the purposes of refuelling."

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Published: 27/07/2005
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