IMS boss felt helpless


Indianapolis Motor Speedway boss, Tony George, has admitted to feeling "helpless" as he watched the events at last weekend's shambolic United States Grand Prix unfold, and a week later as the furore rumbles on.

Talking to the Indianapolis Star, George said: "I feel very helpless. I don't know what's going on. I hope we can come up with something, but I don't know.

"There's a lot going on and a lot coming up in the next week when the teams go before the (World Motor sport Council). We'll have to see."

A week after the event, those involved, and race fans, are still apportioning blame. Although the seven teams that withdrew from Sunday's race are up before the FIA, many feel that the FIA is to blame by not taking charge of the situation.

It is argued that knowing that its tyres were unsafe, Michelin came up with a number of proposals, as did the seven teams, however these were rejected by the FIA. On the other hand, the FIA came up with counter-proposals but these were rejected.

As ever, it is the fans that are stuck in the middle, unsure as to what punishment will be meted out to the seven teams, and whether some sort of compensation package will be arranged for those fans that attended the race.

"Everybody has maintained a position and to some extent I can understand their positions," added George. "But leaving us in the position we were left in made me feel very compromised."

Asked if he had given thought to next year's race, the last under the current contract, he said: "I'm formulating it."

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Published: 25/06/2005
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