Firestone used same spec tyres in 2004 and 2005 Indy 500


Although the new track surface at Indianapolis had been diamond-ground, a spokesperson has informed Pitpass that Firestone used the same spec tyres in the recent Indy 500 as it used in the 2004 event.

Furthermore, the spokesperson informed Pitpass, that during tests it was discovered that wear rates were good and that there were no durability issues. Indeed, the spokesperson was keen to stress that the current surface is a "little less severe".

Apparently, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been diamond-ground since 2003, furthermore the recent resurfacing "did not affect the angle of the banking".

"This information was freely available before the recent United States Grand Prix," added the spokesperson, who confirmed that it was even reported in a recent edition of the British magazine, Autosport.

"It is every manufacturer's responsibility to check a circuit's surface and layout," said the spokesperson. The only two tracks where this is a problem are Monaco and Melbourne - both street circuits - in which case the tyre manufacturer must rely (mainly) on data from previous events.

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Published: 22/06/2005
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