Crime, Punishment and Compensation


With the seven teams that opted to withdraw from the United States Grand Prix summoned to appear in front of the World Motor Sport Council next week, the big question is, what sort of punishment can we expect to see meted out.

On contacting the FIA, Pitpass was given a very firm "no comment". Therefore we can only speculate as to what might happen.

First off, it is highly unlikely that any of the drivers will be punished. Talking to his team via radio, whilst on the warm-up lap, David Coulthard could be heard saying that he would have preferred to race. It's known that several other drivers, including Kimi Raikkonen, expressed similar feelings to their respective teams.

The teams, on the other hand, can expect a little more than a slap on the wrist.

Exclusion from a race would be counter-productive, therefore we can expect the teams, and almost certainly Michelin, to pace hefty fines. In the case of the teams we can probably also expect to see World Championship points deducted - which is sure to be badly received as it would clearly favour Ferrari.

There is also concern that BAR might be hit a little harder, since it is effectively 'on probation' following the fuel tank saga. However, though we could not get anyone to say anything 'on the record', we believe that since this is an entirely different matter - compared to the fuel tank saga - the probation period issue will not play a part.

As the world's press continues to castigate F1, it might be an idea if someone took the initiative and demonstrated that F1 does care about it's customers, the fans.

Might we suggest that Michelin, in partnership with the teams that ruined this event for so many people, come up with some sort of compensation package.

Who knows, to use Frank Williams vernacular - when he said that he had been called up in front of 'the beak' next week (a British slang expression for a judge or magistrate - perhaps the 'old bill' could speak on his behalf, if it were to hear that Frank and his muckers were attempting to make amends for the Indy idiocy.

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Published: 21/06/2005
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