Mosley promises action on FIA survey


The FIA has issued the following press release in relation to its recent survey:

With more than 90,000 completed surveys, fans in 180 countries worldwide have made the FIA/AMD Formula One Survey 2005 the largest and most comprehensive analysis of public opinion ever undertaken in motor sport.

The independent market research was conducted by industry leader TNS Sport who in addition to analysing the huge quantitative sample, also held focus group sessions with F1 fans in the UK, Germany and Japan.

The results of the survey, initiated by the FIA and backed by AMD, a global technology leader, will be published in the run-up to the British Grand Prix and address some of the most important questions facing the sport today, including:

  • How many races should there be each year?
  • Should F1 go to new countries?
  • What about the quality of the TV coverage?
  • Is there the right balance between driver skill and technology?
  • Should more teams be encouraged to compete in F1?
  • Which is the best qualifying format?
  • Should costs in F1 be kept under control?
  • Which events are crucial to the F1 calendar and which are not?
  • Max Mosley, FIA President said,

    "The answers which tens of thousands of fans have given to these and other questions may challenge the assumptions of many of the sports stakeholders but the FIA will take full account of the results when finalising the proposed regulations for the 2008 Formula One World Championship."

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    Published: 17/06/2005
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