Fernando and Giancarlo look ahead to Montreal


Fernando, you had a fantastic race at the Nürburgring – have you recovered from the excitement of the final laps?
Fernando Alonso: Yes, of course. It was a great race, and a fantastic one to win, although it would have been quite tough to catch Kimi, I think. Especially, it was a good win for the team, not just me, because we were feeling quite down after our performance in Monaco and this was the perfect way for us to fight back, and show everybody we are serious contenders for the title. However, everybody starts talking about the championship now just because I have a big lead, but we have only had just over one third of the season so far. This is not when you win a title – that comes in the final races. Until then, we are focusing on each race as it comes, and trying to do the maximum at every circuit.

What do you think of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal?
FA: Before we go there we do tests to simulate the downforce levels, so it is not a complete surprise when we drive on the first day, but the car still feels very light – it is quite nervous, so you need to find the right limit between attacking for a good lap-time, and not attacking too much. The chicanes can be tricky, because you must balance an attacking style with being careful not to crash. But I enjoy the circuit and since I have been with Renault, I have had good races there, so I am optimistic.

How do you expect the R25 to perform?
FA: I said after the Nürburgring that during the race, the car had felt good to drive again – I could attack all the way to the end of the race, and did not have to be defensive like in Spain and Monaco. I hope that will be true again in Canada. Every year I have been there with Renault, we have been quick in Montreal – with the R23 I set fastest lap, and with the R24 we were in a position to win, so with this year's car, there is no reason not to expect a podium or perhaps the victory, as long as we have no problems during the weekend. I am really confident that the car will be competitive there.

Giancarlo, the Nürburgring was another frustrating race for you – but you delivered a great drive. After climbing through the field, how did you feel?
Giancarlo Fisichella: For me, the feeling when I finished sixth was frustration, because I know it could have been a lot better – I had started from my original position in ninth, the podium could have been a possibility with the package we had at the Nürburgring. Unfortunately, the problem with the car dropped me to the back of the grid and I had to fight my way through and get three important points. But as I have said before, I know that the team is working hard for me and Fernando, and that it is important for us to get both cars in the points, and in good positions, at every race. So far, the season since Australia has been frustrating, but I am driving well and maybe just need some more luck…

Tell us about the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve…
GF: It is a great circuit for me. It is tough for the brakes, there are the chicanes where you need to be precise and the track surface is very slippery, so it is quite easy to make mistakes. But I just feel confident with the car every time I go there. I feel comfortable with the low downforce levels, and I seem to find the limit straight away. I am very optimistic…

And what about your objectives for the race?
GF: I am feeling very confident. Renault were quick there last year, and personally, I have had four podiums at this circuit and even last year with Sauber, I finished in fourth position. Looking at qualifying, I will be going out near the end of the session which means we will have some more options with the strategy, so things are set up for a good race. As long as the preparations are trouble free, I think we will have a good enough car to be aiming for at least the podium.

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Published: 06/06/2005
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