A curious press release


In what appears to be an attempt to calm the situation with the FIA, the five manufacturers behind the proposed breakaway series last night issued a press release, claiming that a previous statement had been misinterpreted.

In the previous statement, the manufacturers 'suggested' that the FIA's appeals process is not independent and therefore biased - this came hot on the heels of the BAR fuel tank saga.

Earlier this week, David Ward, Secretary General of the FIA International Court of Appeal, issued his own statement in which he criticised the comments made by the manufacturers.

Last night (Wednesday), the manufacturers responded:

"The third paragraph of the statement issued on 9th May 2005 on behalf of BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Renault and Toyota appears to have been interpreted as calling into question the FIA's governance of Formula One motor sport and the independence of the FIA Court of Appeal in relation to the recent BAR Honda case. This was not its purpose.

"As part of their proposals for the future of Grand Prix motor racing post-2007, the manufacturers simply wanted to state their intentions as to governance, which is one of their subjects for discussion with the FIA."

All very odd.

Article from Pitpass (http://www.pitpass.com):

Published: 26/05/2005
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