Toyota: The silliness continues


Toyota might not have achieved the result it had hoped for on Sunday, but it's good to see that the Japanese team retains its sense of humour.

We all know - oh boy do we know - that press releases can be extremely boring, indeed we've found that as a general rule the more successful a team, the more bland its press releases, whilst a team like Minardi's are usually a joy to read.

This season, Toyota has broken the mould, for not only is the Cologne-based outfit doing well - currently third in the championship - its press releases are great fun to read.

In its attempt to 'standardize' the way press releases are presented on Pitpass, we omit the 'sub headings' given in Toyota's race weekend releases. These are mostly the work of the team's Communications Co-ordinator, Chris Hughes, and Peter Innes, and feature some absolutely brilliant puns, often referring to song and movie titles.

We thought we'd pick out a selection of our favourites, whilst thanking Toyota for bringing a little more fun into F1, even if few pick up on it.

In Australia, the Toyota releases were as bland as everyone else's, however by Malaysia the intention was clear: 'Kuala Shaker' grabbed our attention, as did 'Eternal Sunshine of the Sepang Kind'.

Then came Bahrain: 'Bahrain Teaser' (think about it), 'Round of Gulf', 'Wired for Sand', 'Arabian Might', 'Circling the Sand', 'Playing it by Gear', 'Holding out for Sakhir-O', 'No Flash in Sepang', 'No Pole In One at Gulf Course' and 'Toy Story Two'.

By San Marino, Chris is clearly in full flow, hence: 'A Rivazza Runs Through It', 'Kerb Mauling', 'Upping the Variante' and not forgetting 'Two for my Baby' and 'One More for the Road'.

On to Spain: 'To Catalan Story Short', 'Go Fourth and Multiply', 'Close Encounters of the Third Drive' and 'May the Fourth be with You'.

Most recently, in Monaco: 'Monte Carlo or Bust', 'Lowes all you Need', 'Tabac to Basics', 'Yacht Property', 'Tunnel Mission', 'The Full Monte', 'Pass at the Port' and 'Loews Changes Everything'.

Great work guys, please keep it up, and thanks for making the effort.

At the end of the season we might run a competition asking readers to nominate their favourite.

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Published: 23/05/2005
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