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A frustrating day for Red Bull Racing at the Monaco Grand Prix. After qualifying in seventh position, David Coulthard's race came to a premature end on Lap 23 when he was the victim of an incident involving Minardi driver Christijan Albers. After spinning in his Minardi at Mirabeau, Albers blocked the track ahead of David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher. David was able to slow and avoid the stricken car, but Michael's Ferrari clipped the rear of Coulthard's car, causing floor, back-wing and rear-suspension damage. David's team-mate Tonio Liuzzi retired when extensive rear tyre wear unbalanced his car and he hit the barrier on lap 61. Both drivers retired their cars in the pit lane.

David Coulthard: There's not so much to say. Albers spun his car going into the corner, so I slowed down to avoid him. However, Michael couldn't see me and he hit the back of my car, which damaged the back wing and rear suspension. For that to happen twice in one weekend… well, lets just say it's pretty bad luck.

Tonio Liuzzi: I was battling with the rear of the car from the beginning of the race. Tyre wear meant it was sliding a lot and it was difficult to keep the car well balanced. I was battling with Juan Pablo, Michael and Ralf, but on lap 61, one of the rear tyres went completely and I had nothing left. After I exited the tunnel, I hit the barrier and that was the end of my event. It's very disappointing.

Christian Horner, Sporting Director: It was a frustrating incident for David and the second time he was hit over the weekend through no fault of his own. He had looked in good shape with the amount of fuel that he had in the car, so it's disappointing he wasn't able to capitalise on what was a very good grid position. Tonio struggled with excessive tyre wear, which ultimately caused him to hit the barrier and end his race. It's a frustrating finish to the weekend; ultimately it promised a lot, but failed to deliver.

GŁnther Steiner, Technical Director: The impact of Michael's collision with David broke the rear suspension, rear wing and floor and we had no choice, but to stop him. Michael was lucky as he just broke his front wing, was able to go into the pits and finish in the points. For Tonio, it's disappointing that his tyres went off. The weekend was looking very promising, but in the end was not so good.

Simon Corbyn, Head of Race Engineering, Cosworth: George Lucas pointed out on Friday that Darth Vader isn't known for his tolerance of failure, therefore I'm relieved to be able to confirm that Cosworth had no engine concerns throughout the Monaco GP weekend. Once more both TJ2005 engines ran reliably throughout their second events & we had no performance or driveability problems on the demanding street circuit.

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Published: 22/05/2005
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