Massa makes DC manic


David Coulthard has revealed that he grabbed Sauber driver Felipe Massa by the neck - no pun intended - following Sunday's San Marino Grand Prix.

The Scot was incensed at the Brazilian's behaviour during the race - the Red Bull and the Sauber clashed twice - and the fact that they youngster insulted him by giving him 'the finger' following one of the incidents, a scene reminiscent of the French Grand Prix a couple of years back when DC did the same to Michael Schumacher.

"I was absolutely furious and saw red," Coulthard told the Daily Mirror newspaper. Apparently, when the Brazilian was driving out of the circuit, the Scot stood in front of his car refusing to let him go. "I leaned in and grabbed him by the neck," he revealed.

"I have respect for other drivers and I expect them to have respect for me," he continued. "Then I looked up and saw his parents were in the back and that cooled things down pretty quickly. "I didn't want to embarrass him in front of them. But he continued ranting that I had used unsporting behaviour.

"He accused me of driving his car off the road at 200 mph and I have never done that in my life. But I am not in this business to give way to anyone.

"I once showed Schumacher the finger when I was angry but I apologised afterwards," said Coulthard. "Massa had the chance to do that after the race but he didn't."

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Published: 28/04/2005
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