Cosworth has power boost for Minardi at Imola


Q&A with Tim Routsis, Cosworth's Managing Director

What specification engine will the Minardi F1 Team be using for the San Marino Grand Prix this weekend?
Tim Routsis: With the introduction of the new Minardi PS05 chassis the team will switch to the TJ2005 Series 10 engine used by Red Bull Racing.

What are the key advantages of the TJ2005 engine, particularly in terms of power and weight, relative to the CK2004 engine that Minardi F1 Team have used until this weekend?
TR: The latest TJ2005 engine represents significant gains over the CK engine: Peak power increase of more than 60BHP Engine speed increase of 500RPM Engine duty cycle increased (more power for greater period of running) Engine life extended to cover 2 events (1300km nominal) & reliability improved Engine centre of gravity more than 50mm lower Engine stiffness significantly increased High level of integration with car design

Will it be track tested with the team prior to Imola?
TR: The first TJ2005 powered Minardi PS05 chassis successfully completed over 200km at Mugello (Italy) last week without problems.

Are there any differences between the TJ2005 engine that Red Bull Racing is using and the Minardi unit?
TR: There are no significant differences between Red Bull & Minardi engines. There are always a small number of team specific components to suit a new car installation but other than that, the engines share the same specification

Are there any further upgrades planned for either of the teams this season?
TR: A Series 12 engine is scheduled for introduction with Red Bull Racing at the Indianapolis GP (or Canada GP depending on when the scheduled engine change occurs).

Was this a scheduled upgrade?
TR: Yes. This engine is currently under development & will deliver significantly more power & revs over Series 10. It will be exclusive to Red Bull Racing & a development version (Series 11) with a gain of 30BHP & a maximum engine speed of 19000RPM has already been successfully track tested by Red Bull.

How is Cosworth overcoming and addressing the challenge posed by next year’s V8 engine?
TR: Work is well underway on a new V8 engine to comply with the 2006 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations. The fact that these new regulations are much more restrictive & certain engine dimensions are constrained has a significant impact on the focus of the engine design work. By nature, this offers both an opportunity & a challenge.

Do you already have a V8 engine on the dyno and can you disclose power and rpm figures?
TR: Development engines have been running on the dyno for quite some time & we are very happy with the results so far. Power figures cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons but we can confirm that we are routinely running to 20,000RPM.

When do you expect to confirm customers for 2006?
TR: Negotiations with potential customers for 2006 & beyond are ongoing.

Cosworth seems to have made remarkable progress in terms of performance and reliability since last season. How has this been achieved?
TR: Cosworth has made significant changes to the way in which the company (& specifically the F1 engine project) operates over the last 18 months. We are now seeing the results of these changes & everyone at Cosworth is proud of what has been achieved.

TJ2005 Series 10 Specification

Configuration: V10
Vee angle: 90
Number of valves: 40
Capacity: 2998cc
Maximum engine speed: 18,300rpm

Engine Electronics: Pi/Cosworth
Spark Plugs: Champion

Weight: 94kg including ballast
Length: 589mm
Width: 538mm
Height: 454mm

Construction: Aluminium cylinder block and heads, cast in Cosworth’s own foundry. Aluminium alloy pistons, steel crankshaft

Picture - Courtesy of Cosworth

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Published: 21/04/2005
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