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Red Shield Administration's Range Of Vehicle Protection


Do you want stress-free car ownership? Then plan for the worst and hope for the best. Cars can break down without warning. You can reduce the probability, but you can't prevent it altogether.

Prepare for the inevitable. Don't depend on the manufacturer's warranty. To fill in the gaps, you need a vehicle service contract. Red Shield Administration offers a range of plans that extend coverage during downtime.

Read on to learn the details of the impressive range of vehicle protection plans Red Shield Administration offers.

Red Shield Essentials

These are short-term contracts with three, six, and nine-month terms. Get a low-risk plan at a great rate. This is a sensible arrangement if you want to test the service without spending too much.

Obtain coverage for essential components like the engine, drive axles, and transmission. You can decide the scope and balance it with your budget. If you are happy with the outcome, renew your contract or upgrade to a higher tier.

Red Shield Guard

These contracts run for a more extended period ranging from one to five years. They will cover everything under the Essentials plan, so you can be confident that the car will keep going no matter what.

You will also get protection for vital features like the brakes, steering, suspension, and cooling system. You can talk to a company representative to tweak the details and get your ideal terms into the contract.

Red Shield Select

At this tier, you get comprehensive contracts with just a few exclusions. This is your best bet if you don't want to leave anything to chance. Get a plan that covers nearly every factory-installed component for your peace of mind.

Choose your preferred contract period, which can be as short as one year or as lengthy as six years. This tier can also cover the vehicle for up to 100,000 miles.

Red Shield Rec

The company offers special vehicle service contracts for owners of mobile homes and recreational vehicles. After all, people live in these units, so the stakes are higher.

They deserve a tailored plan that addresses unique issues while keeping the payments affordable. At this tier, owners get access to concierge services for immediate support in case of a breakdown.

Red Shield Motorsport

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. They may have four wheels or just two. Some have none, relying on different types of locomotion. Red Shield Administration is just as keen on serving people who own scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. After all, everyone deserves protection at affordable rates.

Optional Add-ons

Customers may encounter problems that are well beyond the scope of most vehicle service contracts. The industry needs to innovate to maintain relevance in the lives of the people they serve.

Red Shield Administration offers optional add-ons. You can avail of things like key/remote coverage, tire/wheel coverage, identity theft protection, windshield protection, and dent protection. Dealerships can get theft insurance from the company.

The Importance of Vehicle Protection Plans With Red Shield

1. Peace of Mind

Cars break down without warning. It could happen today on your way to work or on your beach trip weekend. You need to expect the unexpected.

Otherwise, you will feel helpless and alone as you grapple with an unresponsive machine. Vehicle protection plans can spring into action whenever you need help. This dependable support will bring you peace of mind.

2. Financial Buffer

Car parts can be expensive. You might pay thousands of dollars out of pocket if you need to replace several in one go.

Most people don't have that much saved for a rainy day. You don't have to worry about your bank account with Red Shield Administration's vehicle protection plans. They will cover the cost of parts and labor to shelter you from financial shocks.

3. Robust Protection

The original manufacturer warranty is not an all-in-one solution. If you want robust protection, get a tailored vehicle service contract. It's also suitable for used cars with expired warranties. Red Shield gives you the confidence to own any car.

4. Fast Claims

Red Shield Administration's streamlined claims process makes filing easy for customers. Everything can be completed online, so there is no need to run around for the paperwork.

It's far from the stressful procedures outlined by auto insurance agencies. The company says that the initial steps can be completed in mere seconds. You can get an instant response to get the ball rolling.

5. Local Repairs

While manufacturer warranty often dictates a single point of contact for repairs, Red Shield Administration offers customers multiple options.

Vehicles can go into any authorized repair facility in the country. You can drive anywhere and avail of local services. It guarantees fast and convenient technical assistance.

Red Shield Administration is all about flexibility. No matter your needs, you are sure to find a plan that fits them perfectly.

You can customize the coverage based on your requirements and your resources. Whether you have a car, a motorcycle, or an RV, you can count on the company to come to your rescue when your vehicle breaks down. Red Shield will be your dependable lifeline.

Having extra protection on your vehicle is essential so you can avoid the headache of car repairs and get the peace of mind you deserve on the road.

Red Shield takes care of the worries and difficulties of getting car repairs done, so you don't have to.


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